Desktop install script

March 10, 2014

I like to have a clean machine and install it fresh every time there is a new Ubuntu release. However, I also want to keep my cool configurations so that’s why I have my dotfiles on GitHub.

In the past when people asked me how I got my shell to look like that, or how they should install rails, what dependencies they need I would either tell them to look at my dotfiles or point them to an article describing how to install it.

A lot of my colleagues have lately been getting into rails and linux overall. So their interest in my dotfiles has also increased. Problem is I spend a lot of time explaining what to do to get their installation to be like mine. So I decided to write a script which does all of that and in case someone is interested in what the script actually does they can just look at the code.

It is capable of installing

  • Essential stuff ( curl, git, build-essentials, vpn, firefox, etc )
  • Rails via rvm
  • Ansible provisioning software
  • Vagrant
  • Zsh, vim, and my dotfiles
  • fixubuntu
  • the heroku toolbelt
  • nodejs, npm and karma

When running the script the user selects what to install. (by default everything)

Lately I have been testing it pretty intensively to be sure that it works when upgrading to ubuntu 14.04.

Hope this can help you!