Hello World

November 4, 2013


my name is Frederic Branczyk (or brancz and formerly known as flower-pot, because how can anyone remember Frederic Branczyk, not even my parents call me by my name). I am an applied computer science student living and studying in Karlsruhe, Germany. In this blog I want to describe and tell everyone about technologies I try and work with, projects I work on and challenges I encounter.

I don’t know if anyone will even read this blog, it is just a way for me to document projects and add my opinion on topics I find to be interesting.

Before I started studying I used to work at wikimedia germany, where I learned to appreciate open source and freedom of knowledge. Since then, I have been convinced that together as an open source community we can make the world a better place by creating awesome software that everyone can use. I contribute to it by publishing most of the code I work on under an open source license (or at least that fraction I am not completely embarrassed to show anyone).

Anyway, I hope you sort of get what kind of person I am and I will try to post regularly but can’t promise anything. Anyway that’s it for now,